At 75-years-old, Bowden isn’t slowing down

Tom Bowden, at 75 years young, has still got a lot of mileage left on his shoes.

Source: At 75-years-old, Bowden isn’t slowing down

If you think it’s too late in life for you to lace up those running shoes, or maybe your glory days have passed you by, think again.

Tom Bowden, at 75 years young, has still got a lot of mileage left on his shoes.

“You know as we get older, the way God created us is we’re going to deteriorate a little bit,” said Bowden. “So you look at your watch and you run and you say man I had a good time, and then you look at it and say gee that was slow. Since I was 10-12 years of age, I’ve done something, some kind of fitness. I’ve always wanted to do some kind of fitness thing.”

The former collegiate track All-American spent most of his adult life working as a physical therapist at the same gym he still trains at today in London, Kentucky.

“I tell people as a physical therapist, if you’re not designed to run, walk, ride a stationary bicycle or recumbent bicycle,” said Bowden.

Recently Bowden put his fitness level to the test at the US Track and Field Masters Indoor Championships in Albuquerque New Mexico. Bowden finished a close second in the 200 meters.

“The surprising thing about it is, I got second overall, but the guy that beat me was 81 years-old and a world record holder,” said Bowden, but he had the fast lane. He ended up in lane five and I had lane two, and I had a bad start.”

Still, his time of 30.42 seconds was the fastest indoor 200 meters in the nation and ranked top three in the world in the 75-79 year-old age group. While the awards and recognition are great, there’s one thing that keeps Bowden running.

“It just makes you feel better,” said Bowden. “When you train and do things like that you feel so much better. I’ve had days where I didn’t feel like training, and I feel much better when I get through.”

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