Countdown to Malaga Begins!

The World Masters Athletics Championships is only 11 weeks away!

I am only 2 weeks post Cortisone Injection for pubis osteitis.  And as always I am now running out of time to be in shape for the Champs in Malaga.

However, My groin is now feeling a 100 times better than it has since Madrid (European Indoor Masters Champs) and I am pretty much now good to go.  So I sit here making my plan of attack, planning out the sessions that have worked for me and using my knowledge as a coach and experienced athlete to try and hit the elements I need enough to improve from my current position.

I cant say I have done nothing though, as although my groin has stopped me from sprinting and lifting heavy, I have still been able to do some endurance work and as a result have ran two 800s so far in 2:03 and 2:02 which I cant complain about.

So here we go! Operation Miracle is in action, and If you’re interested in what my training plan looks like..

You can see HERE

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