Daegu 2017 has begun! – But where is everybody!

Well the world indoor masters championships have begun and medals already being distributed, early stages show no surprises with Australia leading the table, a very strong nation of masters athletes.

The news from competitors of course is regarding the races themselves, with what looks to be 50% of entered athletes having not shown up to the early stages. As you can see by the schedule with large chunks of races being cancelled in favour of moving straight to semi finals. Further, it is clear the crowds are also just not for this event, at least not yet, perhaps the working week affects this and we will see a greater turn out of both competitors and crowds as the week goes on, I hope so.
You can keep up to date with the event HEREfor Live Stream, results and medal table.
Regardless of numbers, I wish I was there instead of being injured! so wish all competitors well and good luck.