My 400m Training, Week 2

Hopefully you read my previous Posts about this blog for my on-going target of the WMA Championships in Toronto later this year HERE

that was week 1 of the plan and now we are of course just as night follows day, on to week 2.

Working around the inevitable horribleness that is the UK weather, this week has been tough, body is holding out if not a little tight. I must remember to pay extra attention to my prehab exercises before sessions and make sure I actually do my warm down. I am a huge believer in the benefits of vibration therapy  in fact I was an early convert to the use of Vibrating Rollers with Pulseroll and even to the new trend of using “Hammers”

And so I don’t really have any excuse to not at least do some soft tissue therapy on a regular basis.  I will cover a full pre-session prehab session soon just as a reference.

My training plan week 2

Anyway, onto the week:

As previously stated but just want to clarify, all warm ups include the addition of plyometric power exercises, inclusive of Pogo’s, Scissors, Bounds, hurdles etc and some acceleration work that is not times at this time of year.

  • Sunday, Track.  This was a simple indoor session, rolling flies. 30m build up into set distance, we use Brower gates for these sessions.  Its worth noting that I am not good at flies! since my back injury last year I have dropped off on my max speed and this is why the aim of every sunday is to work on this exact thing. Best 30m fly of the day 3.22 (for me! not the squad, best was 2.88)
  • Monday, Gym. As stated last week I am doing the exact same gym session for the 4 sessions of last week and this week. so thats simple, Deadlift 3×8 100kg, Bench 3×8 70kg, Squat 3×8 80kg
  • Tuesday, Track. I love this session, its an in-between special/speed endurance, can get up to some decent speed but of wow the fatigue at the end is massive. some great neural fatigue hit during this session. 3×70 / 3×80 / 3×90 all with 4 min between reps and 10 between sets. No times on this session as that’s not the aim.
  • Wednesday, Gym. Same as Monday although had to use a commercial gym and not our private track gym, highly upsetting lol
  • Thursday, Track.  A repeat and extension of last Thursdays session a pure special and strength endurance session. 3x5x60m 1min between reps and 10 between sets, followed by the fast stride 200. No times for the back to back 60s obviously, 200m was 24.1, worth noting the temperature today was 3°C and track slowly icing over
  • Friday, Track. Here it is, the Intensive tempo session of dread. Last week this left my locked up and walking so bad! I’m posting this blog ahead of schedule again (as promised Friday mornings) and so have not done this session yet. (there is a possibility of doing this Saturday due to travel).

I mention above about travel, as this weekend is the British Athletics Championships, I have 2 athletes competing, Amy H in the 400m on Saturday and Morgan in the 200m on Sunday. as these champs are being held in Glasgow, I have a 6 hour drive ahead of me!!!!!!


Update for Fridays session, due to travel and frankly horrendous weather, the session became an indoor treadmill one in the hotel gym. maxed out at 19.3 kph we raised the incline to 5% and did 2sets of 3 reps at 1min

Next week sees the a progression of the phase, changing into a 3-1-2-1 set up, Ill explain more next week.


I will also post my weight stats as of each Friday morning:


Go read Week 3 Here And also see how my athletes got on at the British Champs.

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