New Adventure – We Started a Podcast for Track & field Performance

Seeing as I have a bit more time on my hands lately, apart form doing a lot of personal development with certifications and course both professionally and for the Sport of Athletics along with strength and conditioning. Myself and my Good Friend and colleague, Performance Therapist Aiden decided we would start our very own podcast discussing all things sports performance training.

As I already have a coaching business Named that (Website HERE) it made sense. and so if you’re interested in listening to what I might have to say to help improve you performance or a coach looking to get your athletes faster. Come have a listen and please subscribe and share, thank you

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Apple and a few others are slow to update, as always and so will update this as and when that comes through.


Of course over to the right of this page in the widgets section you can see links to the website pages that have the podcasts also.