Ramblings of an old (but not so old) young (but not so young) man

I haven’t posted a personal blog in a fair while. But here goes…..

We are 6 months out from the Toronto World Masters Athletics Championships, to which I have already committed to, booked the time off work and already stated to everyone I know that I shall indeed be competing.  Although as yet I haven’t actually entered (Does anyone enter until the last week?).  Having seen the announced Time Table for the championships, I will be restricted to only competing in the 400 as the 200 is strangely sandwiched right in the middle of the Heat and final of the 400 (but, the 400 is my favoured event so not really a big deal).

Of course I am going into this champs, as the reigning m35 400m champion, and now top of the age group and will find it a struggle to be as competitive.  I say this as following Malaga, I sustained a back injury in the following Christmas which caused a slight disc prolapse, this ended up meaning I wasn’t able to compete during 2019 (I managed a couple of 200s but the injury re-ignited).

I have now just competed over 400m indoor, managing a respectable but not satisfactory 52.3 and decided not to continue competing indoor and turn my focus upon the outdoor season.  Which means I am back into some structure of training.  Some of you may know that I coach myself, I have done for over 10 years, along with coaching a group of sprinters at my club (this includes a couple of fellow Masters Athletes) and includes some very good national level Athletes with bigger aspirations.

As a coach and competing athlete, I find the balance works for me, I understand the pain the athletes are going though and I am able to be closer and involved to really understand how they are feeling and sometime I am able to boost the morale of the squad, as its fair to say I sometime forget my age and happy to be as stupid as them (Though not sure if the Laughter is at me or with me!!)

Anyway, get to the Point!! I will be documenting my training here within my own blog from now until the champs, approx. 24 weeks…….

…. So watch this space, if you’re interested, updated on Friday Evenings.

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