The Bosses Obsessed with Exercise…. Hmmm

I read this morning on the BBC website about the ‘Davos 2017’ meeting and the corporate bosses who comment on the lack of ability to exercise whilst at the convention, and how they personally take being fit and healthy very serious. The seriousness would appear to not only appear to affect them but also pay a larger influence out to their workforce, it appears!

They believe that a healthier workforce will lead to a more productive office, and of course I fully agree. But I see this is all well and good when the office itself contains the head honcho so to speak.
They always want to look like they care about the staff and the easiest way to do this is be very visible within their own environment. I see this often within the UK, I used to work for a large financial organisation and had to visit the London based HQ regularly, of course this building housed the ‘head honcho’ and had a full gym provided on site covering an entire floor of this building. Membership cost?…. zero! and use of the facility was at any time. Now this building was central London surrounded by about 100 other gyms, so its not exactly as though the staff had no where to go (the facility is of course excellent, and yes I did use when there).
The building I normally worked in however, no such joy! There was not even the offer of reduced memberships (subsidised by employer) to local gyms in our own area, and this was the same across the country too, very disappointing.
My point, although there is an effort and one that is very ‘visible’ within some organisations to promote the ‘we care’ philosophy, I feel we are as population still not really engaging with our whole workforce and the benefits of increased levels of health and fitness and its effect on work place productivity, not only on reduced sickness levels but fulfilment.
Are corporate bosses speaking the speak just to look good?… I hope not!
I’d like to see their intentions be extended out to their greater workforce to truly see a difference and commitment.