Week 3 of a Masters 400m Tale, My Journey to #WMATO20

Week 3 of my training programme started very fatigued.

You may have read in last week’s report that the weekend was the British Indoor Senior Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. As I had a couple of my athletes competing I was there and drove up (a nice 7.5 hours there on the Friday afternoon in torrential rain).

Apart from being at the arena all day each day, as the weather was so bad it meant training outside was not an option.  You can see I ended up doing what should be the Friday session, on Saturday in the gym and simulated on the Treadmill.  This all meant I was unable to train on Sunday.

Whilst I’m here and already mentioned the Champs, I’d like to just acknowledge the performances of my athletes, Amy was unlucky to make the final of the 400m missing out by near Hundredths on a dip by the girl who went on to take Bronze in the final, Amy ran a Seasons best and it was only a small tactical error that cost her.  A promising progression as we move outdoor.

Next up was Morgan, whom although the initial aim for the indoor season was to try 400m himself, but due to lack of available races had to switch back to 200 for these champs.  This meant the seeding based on seasons best was not favourable and had an uphill challenge from the start, being given inside lanes.  However, he was able to progress all the way to the final (3 rounds in 2.5 hours) running a PB in the Semi-final.  For both we now prepare for the outdoor season having very very positive indoors.

Worth noting also the benefits of a positive team, along with myself 2 others travelled with us purely for the sake of comradery and support, so big shout out to Petch and Scotty.

Now then the Training week:

  • Monday, Gym: As I had the day off work and had missed the session on Sunday, I decided to double day. AM – 30min cardio on a bike (nothing major) 3x2x15m Push sled and Med ball throw (50kg sled), PM – 2×5 Cleans 70kg Full Squat 4×5 90kg Bench 3×6 80
  • Tuesday, Track: 3×150 3×120, 4min rec between reps, 10 between sets. 18.2/18.5/18.7 – 14.1/14.3 /No time, missed it
  • Wed, OFF
  • Thursday, Track: 3x3x80m 45 sec rec between reps, 8 between sets. This is special endurance session that has been in the programme for years, I find this really helps bring on the 300m. 10 min recovery and then the 200m, 24.0
  • Friday, Track: The Intensive session goes long today, 4×500 5 min rec (as always this session will be this evening and so will update accordingly later)(Wish me Luck!!!!!)
    • Update! ouch!! Wow I am unfit lol, this went 1:18 – 1:23 – 1:26 – 1:28

This week’s diet (mostly the weekend) hasn’t been the best, and so weight loss has been steady but small.

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