Week 8, Covid 19 Hit

A week that wasn’t! I said last week about how we are now in a lock down position just as I assume as are you! Competition are being cancelled all over the place and so this years target of Retaining my M35 400m World title is no more, and the secondary target of a lifetime best is highly unlikely, this either because I wont have any races to even try or because training has been so severely hampered I wouldn’t be in the shape to achieve it.

This week has not gone well at all and so I’m only writing this as a simple log in the journey. Not going to be a long post, in fact there will be no rant of my thoughts at all.

Towards the end of last week I became ill, during the training I was becoming easily out of breath (first clue) but I ignored it, The session last Friday was actually a positive one, and I even managed a session on Sunday which I will log below just to keep in the swing of it.

  • Sunday, Overspeed – 3x3x20m downhill sprints

However, Sunday afternoon was horrific, my symptoms worsened severely and was bed bound around 2pm, where I have stayed pretty much since until late yesterday. In fact the only symptom I hadn’t shown was the dry cough, but I was able to be tested on Tuesday, and confirmed yesterday that I had contracted C19. Not gonna lie, the week has been sobering to say the least.
I am lucky as I write this that I am starting to feel better.

And with that I will end this weeks update.

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David E Ortman (M67), Seattle, WA- WMA M65 300mH

Hi. Great website and hope you have a speedy C-19 recovery. I’ve search all over the website and was unable to locate an email. Would like to send you some material. Can you email me directly?