Week ? A Quick Update

For anyone who is keeping track i think this might be week 11? IN my last personal blog update week 8   I was confirmed as having encountered Covid 19 which its fair to say left me feeling rather F)(*ed. Thank fully and no doubt due to my age and fitness I have fully recovered and now feeling no after effects such as the prolonged feeling of tiredness, which dragged on for some time.

This has of course my personal training has simply dropped away, which I will try to get back to fitness for the what ever possible season there may be.  Although I have had to accept the feasibility of me hitting my targets are now shot.

Covid 19 However, has not seen the last of me! As last week I awoke to the news my Aunt had passed away overnight from the Virus, leaving my family extremely upset as My Mother is one of 10 children, (7 remaining) of whom zero are now able to attend the funeral.

This is why I haven’t maintained my blog for a while, my own issue and now family.  This Virus is leaving many loved ones in pain!