Will Malaga be a Success? Complaints already Raised!

Complaints already??

We are days away from the World Masters Athletics Championships in Malaga a.k.a #WMAC2018 (the hashtag being used across social media) however, it seems not all is right with the event with complaints being raised before the event has even begun.

The LOC (Local Organising Committee) have this week confirmed to the WMA that there is no facility to provide Wi-Fi in the multiple stadiums and further announced there will be no Live Streaming covering any of these championships. This on top of the timetable and the distribution of events (and crowd) across 4 different venues!

We first saw the global benefits of streaming in Perth back in 2016 with thousands of viewers daily from around the world “tuning in” to see their loved ones and friends compete, this in itself a spur to encourage many athletes to compete, I mean who doesn’t want to feel like “star on TV” whilst competing and bringing with it an air of legitimacy to the events.

So here we are with athletes now having to explain to their friends, family and work colleagues that these championships are the real thing, but no you wont be able to view them! And on top of that If I want to live stream anything myself via Facebook etc. its going to cost me!

In Europe the athletes have the ability to use their own mobile date whilst remaining in Europe, so as long as you have a good enough plan, that may not be an issue. But what about the remaining 4 Thousand athletes from outside the EU.

Future Hosts!

We have seen already from Ken Stone over at Masterstrack.blog there are tenders being put forward for future championships, will the “basics” of Wi-Fi and Streaming be part of the proposals? Will the WMA make these compulsory?

Success or not?

We of course have to wait and see, but in the mean time we are left wondering will these championships be successful? And what defines success? And for whom?

  • No Wi-Fi
  • No Live Streaming
  • Spread across 4 venues