Home Workouts – Circuit training to complete at Home

During Covid 19, Coronavirus outbreak more and more of us are forced to workout in our homes, so I have put together a collection of circuits that I have given to my athletes to help keep them healthy, strong and powerful during this time.

The great thing about circuits is the adaptability available. They can be developed for cardiovascular improvement, strength, mobility, sport specific…virtually anything. They also don’t need a lot of space or time and don’t need to be overly complicated (unless you want them to be)

Benefits of circuit training include:

  1. Improvements in cardiovascular fitness
  2. Improvements in muscular strength
  3.  Improvements in muscular endurance
  4. Increased social interaction during a workout
  5. Increased adherence to exercise

From a practical point of view, circuits are very easy to set up and they need minimum space and equipment. They can be used with weights, kettlebells, boxes, TRX and various other bits of equipment, but in many cases, bodyweight is more than adequate.

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Quarentine Circuits

Improve Knee Stability and Hamstring Strength

Improve Leg Strength

Ease You SI Tightness

Ideas for Home

Circuit devised by George Gandy for MD runners

Power and Muscle Endurance