Best and Fastest Running Spikes

If Like me you are trying to be as fast as possible, jump the furthest or highest or simply last the longest.  When it comes to the track, its all about the footwear, the SPIKES!! But which Spikes are Best?

The Best Spikes

Which are the spikes to make us all as fast as we really want to be on the track?

Below is my review of some of the newest and best spikes for this coming year, hopefully making the 2018 season your best!!

Now before we go into the full list, I am going to talk about the newest spike on the market (not even currently advertised on the Nike Website) The all new Zoom 400

Nike Zoom 400Just look at it!!! Its Beautiful (In My Humble Opinion), it would appear at first glance to be an amalgamation of the maxcat with an elite plate used on the specific sprint spikes  such as the superfly and Jafly etc (which you can see below.

So these would appear to be an excellent spike for the 400, for those of us who like a stiffer plate but maybe need that touch of cushioning too.

In fact I have already ordered these spikes and waiting for the delivery from America 🙂

Will update on my full verdict once I have actually tried them out.

I will also blog about them and  my endeavours as I compete at the European Masters Champs in Madrid next week.


Though of course for the past 2 years I have been mostly wearing the Adidas SP Spikes, super light and stiff, a great sprint spike!

Adidas adizero sp spikes

Thewe are the 2018 versions of the Adidas Adizero SP Spikes, as far as spikes for sprinting go these are A+++++ lightweight and stiff. The only personal downside is they run narrow!

Below is a list of the new 2018 spikes from RunandBecome


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Best Sprint Spikes for 100M and 110M Hurdles

  • Adidas Adizero Accelerator: A really powerful and effective ‘straight line’ spike designed to help you explode straight out of the block and maximise acceleration.
  • Adidas Adizero Finesse: Although a touch lighter than the other spikes in this selection, the Finesse punches above its weight with a powerful spike plate that grips the track firmly. It also works beautifully for 200M.
  • Nike Zoom Superfly Elite: This iconic Nike sprinting spike has a  beautiful and super lightweight and flexible spike plate to maximise your driving power coming out the blocks, though not as stiff as the tow from adidas. The uppers are designed to give a snug fit to hold the foot firmly as you accelerate.

Best Sprint Spikes for 200M

  • Nike Zoom JaFly: The JaFly has the same spike plate as Superfly (slightly amended) but with less of a forefoot angle. It sits alongside Superfly as one of the top performance sprint spike. The uppers have offset lacing to provide the perfect fit and hold on the bends as well as straights if not a little funky looking.
  • Adidas Adizero Finesse: The Finesse spike plate offers the perfect combination and balance of stiffness and flexibility to allow you to round the bend with confidence.

Best Sprint Spikes for 400M and 400M Hurdles

  • Nike Zoom Maxcat: The Maxcat gives a more natural soft range of motion that is better for this double bend distance. Powerful sprinters may struggle in these but they can still use the 100M and 200M spikes for 400M but the Maxcat will bring a slight feeling of ease to your stride on this the toughest of sprint distances.
  • Adidas Sprintstar: A less aggressive sprint spike that will serve well over 400M.

Best Sprint Spikes for Juniors and Beginners

  • Nike Zoom Rival S: A great fitting sprint spike. It has a good smaller fitted spike plate and a universal fit which is more accommodating of a wider foot than many of the other available running spikes, without being too wide for the narrower foot.
  • Adidas Sprintstar: A well built multi purpose sprint spike, available in men’s and women’s, and a safe bet for those with less experience who may not want the stiffer and really powerful spike.

Best Distance Spikes for 800M and 1500M

  • Adidas Distancestar: This Offers the right mix of underfoot  lovely cushioning and spike plate tension, to maximise your efforts and offer some great protection to your legs.
  • Nike Zoom Rival M: A lightweight middle distance MD spike with a breathable open upper and some shock absorption.
  • Saucony Vendetta: A female middle distance spike offering a somewhat minimal yet supported feel. Lightweight, highly breathable mesh uppers.

Best Distance Spikes for 3000M to 10,000M and Steeplechase

  • Adidas Adizero Avanti: It really doesn’t get better than this spike from Adidas, its superb for the distance crew. If you’re concerned about the toll to your legs and lower limb fatigue from all the running  then this is the running spike for you. Beautifully light, responsive but flexible, protecting the foot from the track. Add to this the award winning Boost cushioning, which offers more protection in such a narrow piece of foam than any other brand, and you’re going to be flying round the track leaving the rest for dust!
  • Nike Zoom D: A Cushlon midsole offers protection over the longer distances and a nicely breathable engineered mesh upper helps prevent the due sweat. Anatomically lasted to fit the natural shape of the foot, the Zoom D offers more space in the forefoot than some others.
  • Nike Zoom Rival D: Nike’s entry level distance spike offers good cushioning and is worth the price and is a very good option for the price.

Best Distance Spikes for Juniors

  • Adidas Allroundstar: Purpose built for junior athletes track and field activities. Provides grip and protection.
  • Nike Zoom Rival M: A single layer breathable mesh open upper with internal Flywire cables offers a locked down fit. The lightweight spike plate gives traction over multiple distances.

Best All-Round Spikes

  • Adidas Distancestar: Mix up your events with the multipurpose Distancestar which combines grip on the tartan with breathability and shock absorption and a great fit.
  • Nike Zoom Rival M: A versatile multi-purpose athletics spike designed for track running, hurdling and jumping.
  • Nike Zoom Rival D: Similar to the above but with a tad bit more cushioning within the heel and under the spike plate to protect your feet during the more impact events.