GM V40 Masters ultrarunner breaks records

GB and Scottish ultra-runner, Jo Zakrzewski, has broken four world records at a single event in Canberra, Australia.

The international multi-distance athlete and race doctor completed 236km on the track in a 24-hour race, beating the previous record of 233km.

In the same race, she broke three other records.

She finished 200k in 18 hours 53.22, surpassing the former record by seven minutes.

She also broke the Scottish 100 miles record, clocking up the distance in 14 hours 47.45. Finally, she set the Scottish record for most mileage covered in 12 hours, running a total of 133.5km.

‘I think that the mental side of it is the hardest part, as it’s not exactly that scenic a run,’ Zakrzewski told Runner’s World UK. ‘After the first hour, I did wonder how I would manage 23 more of them!’

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In the same week, Zakrzewski participated in two other races – a 5km trail run and a 5000m Masters track.