Less than 100 Days to the European Masters Athletics Championships in Venice

EMAC2019 – Venice is now less than 100 days to go, with the organiser claiming/hoping the vent will attract around 8000 athletes (possibly event entries) this would be the largest European champs ever.  And of course that’s reflected in the number of venues being used. Just like the WMA Championships last year in Malaga, these champs are to be spread across 3 different venues.

Venues being in:

  • Jessolo
  • Caorle
  • Eraclea

With the expected entry figures and having already to spread competition over 3 venues, it would appear a strange decision to therefore possibly sacrifice the “comfort” of the chmapionhsips in order to open up events for atahltes from outside the EMA catchment to compete in events also.  This may perhaps mean we have some stronger events, but at what cost?

If these open athletes are competing in the rounds and possibly semi’s with nothing to lose, will this affect the competition efforts of EMA athletes, whom may get pulled along to fast/strong in a round and not in the final.

I look forward to these championships, having never been to Venice previously but i do question a few decision that appear to be more often within masters competitions:

Get more people there at what ever cost!