M90 4×400 relay shattered by Japan!

The world record for the M90 4x400m was broken by nearly four minutes by a Japanese relay team over the weekend.

The quartet of Tsuruga Matashiro (91), Yuzo Kudo (92), Mitsuya Kozo (90) and Hiroo Tanaka (90) ran 8:49.01 at the Aomori Masters Championships.

Tsuruga Matashiro ran the first leg in approximately 2:07. Yuzo Kudo followed with 2:34, and Mitsuya Kozo on the third leg ran 2:27. Hiroo Tanaka anchored the relay home in 1:40.

“Everyone was able to achieve the best results of their daily practice,” Hiroo Tanaka told NHK News.

“I would like to continue participating in the tournament and set a new world record even for relays for over 95-year-olds.”

The previous record of 12:41.69 had been set in the US seven years ago by a team of Orville Rogers (96), Charles Ross (91), Charles Boyle (91) and Roy Englert (92).

Men’s over 90s 4x400m world record

Picture credit: TF aomori