Orville Rogers, The Running Man Passes Away at 101 Years Old

The man and legend known as “The Running Man” Orville Rogers has passed away at 101 Years old

Rogers got his nickname because he loved to run, setting a world record in the 60-yard dash in 2018 for someone 100 years old or oder.

Rogers held more than a dozen American and world running records.

Rogers served in World War II flying bombers and later became a commercial pilot.

He told CBS 11 last year, “I never asked God for a long life, or fame or riches. And he’s given me all three. And I’m happy to be where I am. I’m delighted to be where I am,” said Rogers.

Roger, who began running when he was 50, would have turned 102 on November 28.

Known extensively within the united states masters circuit Orville has inspired many ageing athletes into the sport

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