USATF Masters plans to become world no1.

USATF Masters Track and Field

The USA sets out plan to become world no.1 masters team!

With financial incentives!


At the initial Executive Committee meeting on Thursday, November 30 and at one of the MTF General Sessions on Saturday, December 2, MTF Chair Rex Harvey discussed the plan to move Team USATF to the top of the medal table at the 2018 WMA Championships in Malaga, Spain next September. The premise of the plan is that the US has the best talent in the world but getting our best athletes to the World Championships inhibits our overall success there. The plan has three components Championships Facilitators, financial support for those ranking in the top six in the world in an event, and awards for medals. The role of the facilitators is to work with athletes likely to be competitive for medals to help ease their way to Malaga by demystifying the championships and international travel. Financial support for athletes ranking in the top six in the world is proposed to be $400, $350, $300, $250, $200, and $100 depending on the ranking with a maximum total per athlete of $1500. Financial awards for medals is proposed to be $400 for gold, $200 for silver, and $100 for bronze, again with a $1500 maximum per athlete. The World #1 plan has been presented to top USATF staff and they have endorsed it but are unable to fund it within the organization’s current budget. However, they have pledged to work with the MTF leadership to seek outside sponsors to fund the plan, which has a price tag of approximately $200,000.

Source: – Track & Field Information for USA Masters Athletes and Fans