WMA Double Sprints champion has passed away – Jason Carty

It is with a heavy heart that the news of the Passing of one the World Masters Athletics greatest sprinters of the current game is being shared across social media. Jason Passed away yesterday morning (28th September 2021).  As a fellow brit I had the pleasure of being at championships in the same team and also meeting up at events across the UK.  Jason is an athlete and a person who will make you smile no matter what! his enthusiasm for the sport and to simply have fun was exuberant and infectious to all around.  His ability to compete at a high level was superb, and he used his training knowledge to also be a coach to a large squad in London

Mr Carty, you will be missed!

Below is a video interview he did for the uk magazine, Athletics Weekly, please watch and understand in more detail why Jason was truly amazing.

Images and Youtube – Athletics Weekly