Nutrition for master athletes

Masters Nutrition

Eating for performance as we got older is different to when we was younger!

I want to know what is best to keep the weight off as I age and also improve my performance, that could be through the use of a very good nutrition plan  (diet or supplements), it doesn’t matter! I want to know what affect and what benefit as well the negatives! Nutrition!

Body fat

No More BMI to calculate fat levels – Use height and waist circumference

Researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles published what they believe to be a much easier method of calculating health and fat levels.  No more use of the BMI as standard measure! BMI The BMI has been a stalwart measurement in society of a persons physical size and general Health, being able to ...

Delay aging of the heart and blood vessels with Aronia

Athletes who supplement with aronia – in the form of aronia juice from any supermarket – keeps cholesterol balance and the walls of the blood vessels young as we age. Researchers from Bulgaria at the University of Plovdiv reached this conclusion after doing a study that was published within the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. ...
alkaline diet

Performance Enhancer – Alkaline Diet!

After just 4 days, an alkaline diet makes athletes sprint up to 2.3 percent faster. An alkaline diet may be an alternative for supplementation with the horrid tasting sodium bicarbonate. For long sprint athletes, supplementation with sodium bicarbonate is an effective way to perform better during high-intensity exercise bouts such as during the 400m. But ...

Fasting activates stem cells to regenerate tissues

You Know me! I am a big fan of fasting for health and even improving sports performance. But fasting can also help regenerate Tissue! If during a period of fasting the body no longer uses glucose as fuel, and starts to use fatty acids instead, stem cells get an incentive to rejuvenate old and damaged ...
Diabetes type 2

Vitamin D drastically reduces risk of type-2 diabetes

A high vitamin D level reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes by no less than a factor of five. We all know I love research on Vitamin D and its effect on sporting performance especially.  But this is a great paper on general health and reduction of Diabetes type 2 risk People with little vitamin ...

Stay Fitter in old age with Low-inflammatory lifestyle

This epidemiological study suggest that an anti-inflammatory lifestyle helps you keep fit and vital in old age. High levels of inflammatory factors increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Fortunately, you can partially control how much inflammatory factors your body produces. Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can cause the activity of those factors ...
Blueberries extend life

Blueberry Muffin anyone? Cyanidin the life extender!

Blueberries are not cheap, but it may be worthwhile to include them in your diet – if you are at a health fanatic that a. wants to get older than a century, and b. wants to run a marathon on his 100th birthday. According to an in vitro study berries. Cyanidine was able to(1):4163. Blueberries ...
Olive Oil

Anti-AGE-ing effect of olive oil

If olive oil is your main source of fatty acids, then you probably live longer than if the bulk of your fats come from butter. And if you also take Q10, well, even better. Olive oil and Q10 may slow down the aging process by reducing the concentration of AGEs in the body. If olive ...
Creatine for memory loss

Creatine supplementation improves memory in two weeks

If over seventies use 20 grams of creatine every day, their memory improves within two weeks. If you suffer from normal and mild forms of memory loss, then you might benefit from supplementation with creatine. Creatine, available everywhere and dirt cheap, is best known as a supplement for bodybuilders, but it also stimulates the functioning ...