Book Review – Frank Dick, Sports Training Principles

There a million and one books out there all wanting your attention like a new puppy trying to gain traction in your affection! But if you’re like me it will always be the first puppy you had that has that special place in your heart?!

In the world of athletic books, I have the exact same ties, and that very book just so happens to be the daddy of all books! The Frank Dick, Sports Training principles. I originally bought back in 2002 the 4th edition and the subsequent 5th Edition in 2007 (which I then re-purchased in 2010 having lost during a move).

Every single question I have had about athletics over the years, I can find the answer in here! No it’s not filled with a full training plan, that’s not what it’s about. But it is filled with knowledge in abundance.
Focused across all athletics disciplines including the development of strength and conditioning with the addition of Nutrition this book provides theory and application that is necessary for all coaches.
It is fair to also say elements of this book have been used by every other coach at some point, and I think if any professional coach denies that, I wouldn’t trust them! In a world where every coach seems to want to show the world how good they are on Instagram and Twitter and claim they have developed the best programme available, oh and you can purchase it for £xxxx if you take a moment and review this book you will see the foundation of the training elements for yourself.
And that’s what this book is, a foundation knowledge base for you to dissect and create your plan!

Also from this book there is regularly shared PDF named ‘The development of Maximum Speed’ (which you can download from my members resources section HERE) which again, for every sprint coach or sprinter in general this is a must read. Not just for the breakdown of each section of the sprint race but mostly for the ‘Frank Dick Controls’ a table indicating the cross over potential of race times based on training elements. (See pic below) these are a series of running based controls along with jumps. I have referred to these charts over the years more times than I can remember, and to this day I still do, and I guess I always will and that’s why this book will always be my go to book, the first puppy!
Recommended: Yes
Value: 10/10
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