Power Percussive Massager – TimTam

Review of the TimTam Power Massager, and generally a  review of the concept of Power Percussive Massagers.

If you’ve seen me in the last year at a competition then no doubt you heard me first! I’ve been using the TimTam percussive massager for the past year will some very good results. There is a reason I take to training and competitions! It Works!


Now lets face the obvious, this thing is expensive! No ifs or buts about that. It might be “Competitively” priced against other units by other companies, but guess what… they are too expensive also!  So if you’re going top get one, you need to really consider the outlay and the potential use.  Ill be honest, I did not pay for mine, it was provided by a PR company wanting a review (does not cloud my review in anyway!) and I should ask that I do not have sales or discounts for to offer.

Would I have made the outlay without trying it, possibly not! Now knowing how good these things are, would I? Absolutely! I love it.


Item: TimTam Power Massager V1.5
$399 USD Not currently available worldwide
Manufacturer: TimTam


Obviously as an Athletics Nerd and someone who pushes his body constantly to the edge I have tried all kinds of massage tools from foam rollers to vibrating trigger point devices and many more in-between. I have even used percussive massages called ‘Thumpers’. However, I had never used a ‘power tool’ massage device until I got my hands on the TimTam.

To call it a power tool is frankly as accurate as it needs to be, at first second and third look it simply is a converted power tool.

According to the TimTam website, the power massager V1.5 is:

“Our second generation powered handheld massager. It has the same amazing power as our first generation massager and now includes our patent pending threaded shaft that improves its durability and overall performance. The TimTam Power Massager massages muscles to help break down knots, increase blood flow, and release stored lactic acid.”

Included in each TimTam Power Massager are:

  • A V1.5 TimTam Power Massager
  • 1 Li-ion Battery
  • 1 Batter Charger
  • Round Therapy Head
  • Premium Carrying Case

I’ve been using the TimTam almost daily since first getting my hands on it. Here is what I think about the massage tool. And you already know I think its worth the outlay (or that should really be I think Power Percussive Massager is worth it!)

Tim Tam Massager

The Good

Effectiveness: When buying or using a massage tool, the only question to ask is whether or not it is effective. There is no point using a device if it isn’t effectively releasing knots and tension and improving your overall mobility. It’s fair and accurate to say the TimTam is actually really effective at doing just that. Charged by a 12V battery, the power massager reaches revs of up to 2,000 strokes per minute and is very good at releasing tension in tight muscle areas. If you have a tight or troublesome part of your body, I would say the TimTam massager is one of the best products on the market to get the job done.

Easy to Use: The TimTam is a hand held massage device. All you have to do is place it on a particular area, and fire away. Unlike some other massage tools which require you (or someone else) to apply effective amounts of force, the TimTam’s power functionality does it all for you! This thing is seriously strong and powerful

Precision: The TimTam Power Massager comes with several of the different different massage heads to suit the exact type of massage you require ro just effectively work on differnet body areas. These include a softer rubber tip, a flat tip, a metal tip, a optional extras such as a ‘hot tip’ you can microwave to heat up and a ‘cold tip’ you freeze by putting in the freezer. Using this range of tips you will be able to target any major problematic area in your body perfectly.

Sturdy and Reliable: In my time so far using the TimTam, I haven’t had any problems with the battery burning out, or the device overheating etc. Overall it has been study and reliable product.


The Bad

One Speed Only: One of the main criticisms of the TimTam is that there is only one speed which you cant change. Personally, I have no issues with this.

Loud: Like all power tools, the TimTam (which is converted PT) is loud. And this is what I meant when I said you would have Heard me first. It really is liking using a drill.

Industrial Looking: as stated, it’s a power tool in every angle you look at it!

Price: While it might not be as expensive as some other devices, it is expensive! And I hope the Market forces these devices down in price!


I love It and I am never without, that’s all I can really say! If I didn’t have this I would definitely be purchasing one form somewhere.

At present from my quick web search there are 3 devices on the Market.

This one HERE Priced $400

The Theragun HERE Priced $600

And the Hyperice Hypervolt HERE Priced $350