Product Review – Pulseroll, Vibration Foam Roller

Whilst at a recent indoor competition I noticed another athlete making a bit of noise whilst rolling around the floor, the noise, well it was a loud humming and this caught my attention and I was intrigued to know what it was and even try it, so I went over and simply asked to have a go!
Thankfully the answer was yes, I know some people can be a bit ‘protective’ about their kit, and rightfully so.  It was the Pulseroll.
The brilliant Pulseroll
The first thing I did was check out the surface, for me, a lot of rollers just aren’t hard enough to really ‘treat’ athletes, as our musculature is a lot more dense than your average joe. I was surprised to see and feel that the roller was actually really good quality, I turned it on and boom I was hooked!
Long story short, I went online and purchased one for myself with next day delivery, that was two weeks ago.
That roller was the Pulseroll, Vibrating roller. Arrived with a very good quality carry bag, which itself is very positive. The vibrations of this thing are…. How can I say…. Mental! There are four settings and as you would expect each level increases the power, when not under any pressure this thing will break your windows! (Exaggeration! It will not break your windows unless you throw it at your windows!) It hops around and squiggles all over the place, it self a nice little party trick and a nice way of saying ‘hey people look what I’ve got’.
The benefit of all this ‘mental power’ of course is its all going into your body when you are rolling around or actually even just holding the roller under your muscles. We all know the huge benefit of vibration therapy when it comes to muscle relaxation and/or excitement and when you place this into a roller it is definitely a winner in my opinion.
I’ve been using my roller everyday before and after training, before sessions it has helped ease a bit of the DOMs we all suffer from along with a slight affect of increasing my flexibility and activating my muscles. After sessions as you can imagine I’m using to help flush my body and restore flexibility.
In fact I like this Pulseroll so much I’ve recommended to my athletes and one has already purchased one for himself to use.
With that in mind, it is worth noting the price, £90. It’s not a throw away amount of money and for that you want a damn good quality product that is going to last! There are some rollers costing twice this however so in reflection of that, its well placed in the market, with cheaper versions of the type being found online but with a much softer outer (as stated not suitable for athletes) I find this roller to be at the price point that is at the cheapest for the quality and level of use etc. As to its robustness, it’s too early to tell. Early indications say its well built and will certainly get its use from me. (If it fails I will update this blog reflecting just that).
In reflection of course £90 is the cost of only a couple of sports massages, this Pulseroll with its level of power will certainly help me in pushing those massage trips further apart, in effect saving me its purchase cost in no time.
I have contacted the company to ask about if they would be willing to work with me to offer my visitors and members any discount, so watch this space. If you don’t ask you don’t get is my thoughts.
Do I like this product? Yes
Would I recommend it? Yes
Value? 8.5/10
Note: I purchased the pulseroll in full for myself and this review is in no way affiliated with the product owners. All my product reviews are that of my own and I will never write one that is not fully of my own opinion.
Update 23/02/2017
Well, if you don’t ask you don’t get, pulseroll have gladly come back to me (very nice I might just add too) and offered us £10 discount with voucher code MASTERATHLETE
To get your own go to Pulseroll and use the discount code above
I also went and got myself the Pulseball… that review is HERE

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