Shakesphere Protein Shaker from Master Athlete World Champion Rick Beardsell

If you have been to a championships recently either within Europe or at the WMA Championships, you will have seen Rick Beardsell, a Team GB Masters Athlete and multiple world champion, an athlete who has dominated the M35 for the past 5 years, now moved up to the M40 group, only just missing out on wining M35 400m in Malaga to myself,  where we both went on together to win the 400m relay.


But you will also hopefully have noticed is that Rick along with his lovely new wife are at each championships with a sportswear stall, selling the GB kit to all, along with our apparel from Ricks clothing lines.

But, it is the Shakesphere were things get even more interesting, this is new design Rick has been working on for some years and has been lucky to get enough investment to keep this product in production.  Take a look at the video and rick in action with it below.


As you can see this is no ordinary Protein Shaker, I have 3 of these myself that I have purchased, no freebies for team mates here, offered by I am more than happy to pay to support.

The ease and power at which these can mix your protein shake without all the unnecessary attachments that at some point you will either definitely lose or just get annoyed of hearing when you shake, makes this a must for anyone who regular uses Protein supplements.

Not only do these make the mixing easier, they make cleaning extremely simple! (lets be honest, protein shakers are terrible to clean and stink when left) simple rinse and shake and bam you’re done!

Check out the range of shakers:


If you would like to purchase one you can do so HERE

Or direct from SHAKESPHERE

In short, if you see Rick at the championships remember he will not only be competing but also being busy on the stall, go say hi and maybe buy some GB kit or one of these great Shakers.

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