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If like me you’re an avid junkie on Athletic Performance Podcasts, you will of course come across the work done by Joel Smith under https://www.just-fly-sports.com/ and the now (as I Write this) #132 Podcasts, all with the same purpose of understanding what is performance and how to improve upon it!

The Just Fly Sports Podcast, the foundation of the Book

Now one of the very main take away from these is the Host himself, Joel Smith.  A very knowledgeable man in is own right and one who is able to engage the specialist guest with good conversation and questions that delve in to the subject matter whilst offering his own insights.  Well he has now produced a book covering what I guess we could refer to as his specialist subject, Strength for speed – Speed Strength.

Joel’s synopsis of the book

“Speed Strength” is your total guide to navigating the means of any training modality related to getting athletes faster, as well as optimising your understanding of the human body in relation to moving at high velocity.

If you want to change your coaching life, and gain information not seen anywhere else, then buy your copy today to learn things like the following:

How I ran a personal best 10-meter fly at age 34 by “unwiring” the common sprint coaching cues drilled into me through my 20’s.
How I tweaked my strength program to give university track athletes an average improvement of .2 in the 100m dash and .4 in the 200m dash versus their previous year before I started as their strength and conditioning coach (with some athletes improving much more).
How I’ve been able to improve athletes short sprint times by 5% in a matter of weeks without substantial strength improvements.
Why “just getting strong” has been leading us down the wrong road in developing speed of the highest order.
Principles I used to help an athlete to an NCAA championship in the 55m dash in 2010 that I’ve been refining for almost another decade.

Ordering & Delivery

Obviously being a UK based athlete/coach reader, I had to import the book direct from the Just Fly Sports website, and which was then received within a couple of days so on that front, all is very good so far!

Joining My Collection

Now, let me be very clear about something. I own a million books/papers/downloads and even personal notes on everything I can possibly find dating back as far I can go and some costing over £100 ($150) to purchase, I believe knowledge is key and crucial to any athlete and coach in the pursuit of improving themselves and their athletes.  So many of the books I have bought have merely been read and resigned to the Library (a few book cabinets) solely for the odd reference review back.  There is only very few books that I go back to time and time again.  One of which being the Frank Dick – Sports Training Principles (which you can read my review of here)

This book, has become already one of those that will remain on the “My Coaching” shelf.

What the Book Offers a Coach

The information within this book, yes you could say in its basic form is merely a book about getting gym work and the transfer to speed.   And yes it is exactly that! And that is why this book has somehow managed to nail it on the head.  It’s not simply a book that gives you exercise after exercise and says go repeat it. No, this book and the work by Joel is information for you as a coach to think about and say “I agree” or “I don’t Agree”. Joel has provided his insight and his thoughts in a perfectly laid out manner with references to studies and based on the very Podcasts that has built his website and knowledge.  And gives the very reasoning for his findings not just from a scientific perspective but that of an Athlete and Coach who really wants to improve performance and who has challenged himself to be his own subject for it.

And it is the fact that Joel is still trying to improve his own performances and is willing to subject himself to thoughts and trials that resonates with me so much, Just as I too now as masters Athlete am still trying to push my body I am willing to try new things and see if they work and try to understand how they play and then provide that information to the very Athletes I also coach.


It is that which makes this book a must have, for the true experience of someone who isn’t just knowing a book together, not only trying to improve their Athletes, but also themselves. It is this that makes you know the information is truly considered.  If it doesn’t work, it’s not in the book!

The book provides an excellent resource of developing strength for speed, and truly understanding how the body works in response to this.

A very highly recommended book!

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