Sports Speed by Dintiman and Ward

This is one of the very first athletics training books I ever bought, and its still on my shelf! here’s why!

“Reach your playing speed potential! As an athlete or coach who knows that faster is better, you’ll appreciate the advice offered in Sports Speed.” Sales Blurb from Dintiman and Ward

Where to begin with this book, as with most of the books I buy, I lose the original and buy a newer version. The original version of this book was written by Dintiman Ward and Tellez, Tellez being Tom Tellez the coach to Carl Lewis and Leroy Burrel

It was the Carl Lewis connection that made me buy the original book in the first place, as a newbie to athletics and just wanting to learn about getting faster, I looked up athletes and their coaches and the subsequent training programmes like it was my religion.

For whatever reason, the new version of this book has removed Tellez as a contributor, which I find very strange as the information has not changed! The charts and programmes have not changed either so either Tellez wasn’t involved initially and used to dupe fools like me or he just decided he didn’t need the money.

However, the book advocates a 7 steps to improved speed, tests and assessment, -strength base building, -ballistic and plyometric training, -speed endurance training, -running technique, -footwork drills, -overspeed training. And is set out in this format from the foundation fundamental things such as initial tests and base building through to the more ‘cherry on top’ elements such as over speed. And with that, this book is excellent for anyone really wanting to build a programme with 6/10th of the work done for you.

Much Like another favourite book of mine Frank Dick Sports Training Principles, this book has targets for athletes to attain for performance, mostly in this book they are Strength and power related (so in essence a good complimentary addition to the afore mentioned)

Each chapter is set up to explain the theory in very simple context and goes on to provide actual full programme in order to attain the specific goal.

It is for all these reasons that this book has and will remain one of those that always has a place on my shelf and my bag when I travel or to lend to others (as long as I get it back!)

Recommended: Yes

Value: 8/10 (although the new version price is virtually nothing making it 10/10)