Ontario Masters Adds Mixed Gender Relays To The Program

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“Your opportunity to set an Ontario Masters Relay record just DOUBLED!!”

Did you know the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will have a mixed Men/Women’s 4x400m relay?  Yes it will!

And we’re starting here in Ontario, too.
Welcome to the “Introductory Phase” for Mixed Relays.
We are beginning with Mini Meet #2 (Jan 21st) with a 4×400
relay, You can set a new ONT Men’s/Women’s Relay Record!

Here are the “rules” (NB since this is all new and we know of no other WMA
jurisdictions who have mixed relays, be aware rules could change in the future)

1. A team will consist of 2 male and 2 female runners.
2. Teams will compete in standard 5 year Age Groups
3. The “team’s” Age Group will depend on the youngest team member (male or female)
4. Team members may run in any order
5. A new relay category of “Men’s/Women’s” will be established for ONT records.

But don’t run only for the record … run because a relay is fantastic fun.
And you will be part of making history.

Good luck everyone!

Duncan Greenshields
OMA Records Director

Source: Ontario Masters Adds Mixed Gender Relays To The Program – Ontario Masters Athletics

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