M35 400m World Masters Athletics Champion – Me! Stewart Marshall

Its been a few days now since the end of the 2018 World Masters Championships in Malaga, a championships that was extremely busy for me personally. As you may know along with running Master-Athlete.com I am the WebMaster for the WMA site.


Though as I write this I could of course complain about being 0overworked at a time I was to be competing and enjoying my holiday, but to do so would be the most self centred thing possible! why?…….. well because I won!!

I had one goal over the past year and that was to win the 400m at the WMA Championships in Malaga, everything has been about that, my training schedules and even trying to recover from injury (Groin Hernia) has all been with that goal in mind!  And I am so grateful that I can say, it was a success!my medalsI won 3 Golds, Individual 400m and both relays

I still don’t really know what to think about it all, as an athlete you can over analyse everything you do. but the reality is I went to the championships having only done one 400m race! and only two 200m races over the past build up month.

And then bam! 6 races later (three 200m and then three 400m) I win and become the 2018 World Masters Athletics M35 400m Champion! And then even more, as we won both relays, I came away with 3 Gold Medals.

You can see the final below

All I can see is, I am seriously happy with that 🙂

You can see my training schedule that I undertook for the 11 weeks prior to going to Malaga HERE