Week 7 of a Journey thats Got a whole longer! My 400m Training

Will keep this one short:

Here in the UK we are on Lock Down, meaning we are only supposed to leave the house either for essential food shopping and to exercise once a day, and when we are out of the house we are to keep a distance of a minimal 2m from anyone else termed social distancing.

During this week we have now seen the WMA championships due to be Toronto in July cancelled and an announcement from England Athletics that all running tracks and training sessions/competitions are cancelled until the end of May at a minimum.

This of course is great blow to everyone concerned but I have to agree this is for the greater good and one that emphasis the sport is a luxury that we take for granted.

Due to the lock-down, it means that I will now no longer see my athletes for the foreseeable future but by using our Team App I can at least keep in contact and set the schedule and have them report back, with some sending video feedback of some of their work where applicable. Thankfully my squad is full of older athletes whom are actually proving they are dedicated and are finding ways to ensure they keep training.  I mentioned last week they have been set with completing a circuit every Mon, Wed and Fri, this past week following the complete lock down I have also requested that they now complete a 15min morning session of drills to help keep some reactivity and technique work.  No matter how hard we train on our grass sessions the intensity and muscle action will not be the same and the adaptation will not be as specific as Track sessions.

With this lock down I am of course working from home so fitting my extra little home sessions in has become a little easier to do. My cat Harold doesn’t like me doing any work (can you spot the video being watched?)

Cats in Awkward places

So on to week:

  • Sunday – Early Morning downhill overspeed session, warmed up and managed some resisted sprints and then some accels uphill.  the session was 3x3x10m efforts with approx 30m easy build up downhill.
    • Pm completed what possibly will be my last real gym session for a while. Split Cleans 3×5 60kg, Deadlift 4x8x120kg, Military Press 4×6 40kg, Kettlebell swings and press ups to finish.
  • Monday – Early Drills and then Circuit 1 from last week
  • Tuesday – 3x6x100m run on the minute with 8 between sets, completed this a football pitch and was very very hard.
  • Wed – Drills, Circuit 2, and then a Kettlebell (32kg) lifting circuit, swings, lunges and rows
  • Thursday – back on the pitches, 3x50m 2x split 350s, well they was supposed to be but checked GPS and the distance was actually rep 1 170m, rep 2 220m so totaling 390, sets went as: 19-30 & 20-30
  • Friday – K reps same as last week, could only manage 4 reps though this week as like an idiot i took the pace a little harder, 3.14, 3.14, 3.08, 2.54.
    • Pm will do the Kettlebell Circuit again


This is extremely strange times, but one that shows us exactly what we can away with.

I will have my Book rant next week…..

Weight has slightly risen again this week, but tbh im not seeing that as an issue considering the cortisol being released lately.