Sandy master athlete

Who am I?

Name: Sandy (Speedy Lee) Triolo
Age Group: W55
Nationality: USA
Event (s): 60/100/200/400
When did I start Athletics: High School and again at 49yrs old
Pre Masters PBs Played Softball
Masters PBs 60 8.64, 100M 13.67, 200M 28.86, 400M 110.61

What is your biggest accomplishment as a ‘master-athlete’ so far?

And how did/does it make you feel? I have two accomplishments to share, the first was my third year of competition, I was in North Carolina at the USATF Indoor Championship for 2015. The person most expected to win this race was hurt and not present. I still had two very good short sprinters with me in the final, but I felt that this was my chance to win the championship and I had to take it. I said a little prayer to myself as I got in the blocks. Once the gun went off, I was running my heart out, I didn’t see anyone as I approached the line, or what I thought was the line!! When realized it wasn’t the line, I was able to drive to the real finish line and win the race. My first and so far only Individual National Title. I was elated, relieved, excited and just so happy that I could execute my plan! I treasure that race of course.

The second accomplishment I am proud of is this season, 2017. I turned 55 just before the Indoor Worlds in Daegu. I had decided to attend my first Worlds since I would be in a new age group. The entire experience of Daegu was wonderful. I executed well and ran good times making the finals of all my races. I came in 4th in the 60 (missing 3rd by 2/100’s), 5th in the 200M, 4th in the 400M and my 4x200M team got Gold and set a new American Record (AR) in 2:00.51.

That however was just the beginning. I went on to run, mainly the first leg, in four more record setting relays this season. W50 Club AR 4×100 at Penn Relays (56.55), 4×100 National Record at Senior Games (57.06), 4×100 Open AR at NCCMA (55.22) and a 4×400 Meet Record at NCCMA. Being a part of these many record setting relays has really helped me feel a part of the bigger story of Masters Track and Field. I am proud of myself and the many amazing women I have been able to meet and of course those I have had the pleasure to compete against and run with in this sport.

Sandy Triolo Master Athlete

Why do you still compete?

What keeps you motivated? I am able to focus on my training because it is such a clear benefit to me as a person. I am healthier and happier with who I am than ever before. Yes, challenging myself is one part of what keeps me motivated, but truly, lining up in a race and knowing what I put in will determine what I get out of the race, that day.. that keeps me training, keeps me paying attention and keeps me motivated to be ready when the gun goes off!

How do you balance life and athletics?

I set my priorities, I balance having so many workouts each week with also making sure I’m not ignoring other aspects of my life. I have made this sport a big part of my daily life that makes it easier day to day.

What would you like to see happen to improve Masters Athletics as a sport?
I would like to see more people aware of and able to get involved in Athletics. It is simple sport, but one that can take you to the limits of your ability overtime. The important thing is it takes time and patience to reach your best. I see that as a good thing that many people would benefit from. The other thing is people should know they can just do it for fun!

When is your next master’s competition, Target?

USATF Indoor National Championship 2018, run a 60M PB, I know I can go faster!

What is your diet like?

I struggle like anyone to get the right foods at the right time, but I focus on hitting my macros. I eat breakfast (oat bran often), always have my pre & post workout nutrition (shakes/carbs), and make sure I am eating enough! Many people, especially women under eat… sprinting requires carbs for energy. I almost always have a slow carb workout drink with me during my workout.
• Supplements? Creatine, L-Glutamine, L-Citrulline, Whey Protein, magnesium (I try to remember fish oil!)
• Considerations for being an older athlete? More rest! I track my resting heart rate with wrist Fitbit to track recovery. (It took over three weeks to recover from the summer competition schedule) I listen to my body during each workout I will stop immediately if I think something isn’t right. The #1 goal is to work hard without getting hurt.

What is a typical training week for you? (Winter or Summer)

• Winter – 2-3 days a week of weight lifting, 2 days running one tempo, one speed
• Summer – 2-3 days a week of running, Tempo, Speed, & Technical, 1 day weights
• Each of these is modified by the time in the season, early season = more work, closer to competition=less work

Sandy Triolo Masters Track

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that is key to your success?

I consistently work on the technical aspects of sprinting; starts, form runs, knee drive, etc. Also, building explosive power, either with weights or on the track, but either way you have to be strong and elastic to sprint. Lastly, I pay attention to building speed endurance through repeat high speed runs and 1200M tempo runs every week. I am lucky to have a good sprint coach!

Do you have any recommended resources to share (books, seminars, websites)?

I love this site –

What was the best advice you were ever given?

“Run with the body you have” ~ Karla Del Grande (fantastic Canadian sprinter and record holder). The idea here is that we all show up to events or even training with issues, aches, problems. These moments are when we find out what we are made of, how to manage ourselves through difficulty and still train and compete. This is a very important aspect to Sprinting in my mind. How do I do my best right now? (and don’t further hurt myself). I am dedicated to showing up for every race I select to attend as that is where I learn the most.

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

Live Right Now and Eat Well, Move More.

Where can people follow you? (Links to social media etc)

• Instagram – speedyleetree
• Website –

Anything else you’d like to share?

Find something you like to do physically and do it, often, make it a priority and eat whole foods. Your body and your mind will thank you.