Product Review – Pulseball the Vibrating Foam Roller Ball

Earlier this year I came across the Pulseroll, a vibrating foam roller, you can read that review HERE
I was lucky enough to get into discuss with the owners and arrange a discount for this site by using the code MASTERATHLETE needless to say, I love the product and use before every track session as part of my warm up to loosen up my ageing tired muscles.

They have now launched the Pulseball, as you can see from the picture; it’s in a ‘Peanut’ shape and is smaller than the roller. The quality of build is superb I’m really impressed with it, the outer is of a firm ridged rubber construction. The shape ‘being a ball’ along with this firmness really gets into the muscles as it is, never mind adding the vibrations. I find both these rollers really improve my flexibility before training without having to stretch, the Pulseball so far is great.
When you switch this thing on just be ready to use! If you put this on the floor you can exactly how powerful the vibrations are, and these vibrations are what is special about this thing, really aiding to release the muscle tension.
I have had mine now for 48hrs and along with the roller, I love it and these are now be permanent in my warm up and warm down routines.
I know some of you will question the price and I agree these aren’t just a cheap item if you lose or break you can simply throw away and replace, but so far I rate these products as extremely robust and great quality and worth every penny.
So I recommend you get one and see for your self HERE and use the code MASTERATHLETE for a discount.
Further Update, march 2018, this thing is one of the 1st things I pack in training bag and have taken on every trip I’ve made so far, very convenient and very good and getting right into the muscles, really works well with the roller. I love my Pulseball