coaching masters athletes

Faster, Higher, Stronger! not just for the young!

Do you want to Improve your Performance?

In the world of Masters Track what do we need to be aware of to improve our performance?

Well here I hope to not only find out for myself but also share that with everyone else. Ranging from fully tested and proved training ideas to far out concepts if I can find it ill be sure to test it and then share that concept or idea with you all to benefit too.

In my view the better masters track performances become the more spotlight the sport gets! And that is a good thing for everyone.

8 Rules to Become Faster in 2017

8 Rules to Become Faster in 2017

If like me you was reasonably happy with 2016 but want to get even faster in 2017, apart from the obvious, train harder and smarter! I have set myself a few easy rules to help along the way. Remember though nothing comes for free when it comes to speed! You have to do the work! […]

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